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Automated Mobile App Testing Improves UX, Operational Efficiency

Weight loss service leverages Perfecto to accelerate QA cycles


Leading weight loss maintenance services company scaled its native iOS and Android app across several geographies by implementing a solid testing strategy.

Weight loss services provider leverages Perfecto Mobile’s cloud-based testing to automate and accelerate testing times and improve app quality.

Key Achievements

  • With Infostretch’s support, the customer could track all test runs, link defects to test cases, track KPIs and dashboards
  • Infostretch provided real device support in the private cloud which vastly improved the test coverage statistics and accuracy of results
  • The customer moved to an agile methodology on Infostretch’s recommendations

Real Challenges

Our customer had a native app for iOS and Android that had to scale across several geographies. There was a need to test it on several devices and carriers across the two platforms.

The customer was using Excel for test case management which was slow, inefficient, and needed to explore other tools to bring efficiency. They were working with a testing partner who was primarily using emulators. The defect finding rate was not very high and the test coverage was limited. They needed a partner who could provide some real device support, move them away from the traditional Excel platform and improve their overall testing process for faster go-to-market.

Our Approach

Infostretch started with a limited testing scope of about 70 non-functional test cases on Android versions 4, 3, 2 and iOS versions 4, 5, 6. Customer was using QC in a very limited way.

Infostretch broadened the scope and usage of QC beyond defect tracking to test case execution and reporting so that it could be used to its full capability. With Infostretch’s support, the customer could track all test runs, link defects to test cases, track KPIs and dashboards.

Infostretch provided real device support in the private cloud which vastly improved the test coverage statistics and accuracy of results. The customer could easily provision the devices and run test cases for instant results. The customer selected about 10 popular devices for each of their markets – Spain, France, Belgium, US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden and New Zealand. This helped them achieve maximum coverage with available resources.

Infostretch also implemented automation best practices for a few test cases using Perfecto Mobile and Business Process Test to provide economies of automation. Infostretch proactively performed smoke testing on iOS7 to check for compatibility and submitted its finding to the customer which allowed them to make some feature edits to their application based on the newly found results.

The customer had started with a waterfall based approach and moved to an agile methodology on Infostretch’s recommendations. Infostretch also offered security testing coverage in alliance with Veracode – a security tool and technology partner.

Infostretch also addressed post-launch issues with a sustenance support services to avoid the last mile impact phenomenon.


Client Results

The customer’s app store reviews shot up very quickly across both the app stores
Close to 100% utilization of their legacy tools for higher ROI
The customer was able to perform full utilization of their tools (QC) for a higher ROI
Infostretch made remarkable inroads into customer’s mobile solution
Increased end user confidence in the application

Infostretch was not only able to provide broader test coverage and improved quality but also faster time to market and reduced costs. Infostretch developed a research methodology called Infostretch Research-Based Testing (IRT), which implemented a scientific approach for testing VAS.

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