Implementing AI-Powered solutions for leading Telecommunications groups


Our client is one of the world’s leading telecommunications groups, with a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

A leader in network quality, they pride themselves on offering excellent customer experience and providing integrated, worry-free solutions.

While the company’s roots are in mobile, they have expanded to TV, fixed broadband, and landline services. Additionally, they provide mobile money services, cloud & hosting, and connected machines (IoT).

Business Value Goals

  • Cost Savings: Investment in ASTUTE will result in a cost savings of nearly 1.4 million Euro over a three year period
  • Grow ROI: Exponentially increase revenue capability as ASTUTE is applied across the organization
  • Faster Execution: ASTUTE will result in effective testing cycles and speed up testing execution by about 30-35%

Expertise in Digital Services & Industry Leading Tools

The Challenge

The rapid and widespread adoption of smart phones and next generation digital devices has resulted in OEMs launching and updating devices at frequent intervals.

Similarly, new and innovative applications and services are being launched to engage the digital customers.

Multiple applications, devices, and maintenance releases means the number testing activities often reach well into the millions every year. The complexity of this testing usually gets overwhelming for giant telecom companies like our customer. As a result, they have turned to us at Infostretch. Our challenge was to see if we can optimize the most crucial components of their testing process using our latest IP and offering, ASTUTE.

The business objective for our customer is to optimize the device testing and service testing methodology.

They were looking for a solution and platform that could leverage the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, and predictive analytics.

Yearly Validation Requirements

  • 40 different applications
  • 200 new devices
  • 25 device families
  • 1,000+ maintenance releases

The Solution

Telecom operators need to ensure that this diverse universe of devices, services and apps work seamlessly on their networks.

An inability to provide engaging digital experiences and service quality leads to dissatisfied customers which can impact loyalty and revenue loss. There is a dire need for telecom operators to invest in innovative testing methodologies to deliver quality at speed resulting into superior customer experience.

Our AI-powered ASTUTE is a solution based on machine learning that has many capabilities, and for this customer we implemented aspects that provides predictive analytics and prescriptive insights based on historical data. ASTUTE leverages data from past releases (Defect Data & Release Notes – features implemented and defects fixed) and gives risk level and test case failure probability for each area of the upcoming release.

6-12 Months

Developing the Platform, the On-Boarding Service, the Deployment and Rollout

Technical Achievements & Outcomes

* Approximate value

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