Large Financial Services Company Accelerates Time-to-Market for Web and Mobile Solutions Using DevOps

Enabled CI/CD strategy to deliver full-featured web & mobile solutions


One of the top 5 global financial services companies providing banking, mortgage, investing, credit card, insurance, and consumer and commercial financial services through multiple locations, ATMs, internet and mobile.

Real Challenges

The company wanted to roll out new web and mobile solutions at a fast pace, and maintain its position as the #1 rated app in the market.

But they had several challenges to overcome to achieve these goals:
  • Time to Market – Needed to get new features to market more quickly to compete in the marketplace
  • Confidence – Minimize risk of delays and rework; gain a higher degree of confidence to ship code more frequently and minimize the risk
  • Modernization – Retire legacy tools and move to a DevOps model
  • Automation – Wanted to put a modern, standardized, tuned automated code delivery pipeline in place
  • Quality – Needed to improve quality of code delivered to customers

Our Approach

Infostretch enabled Continuous Integration and Deployment strategy to deliver full-featured web and mobile solutions, faster and at a reduced total cost. This involved streamlining their development and test processes, leveraging automation wherever possible and replacing their old QA toolset with a new, modern capability.

  • Provided holistic Continuous Delivery Partnership
    • Expertise (SMEs), Capabilities (models/Frameworks), Facilities (Labs)
    • Across the entire enterprise value stream (from opportunity identification to product release)
    • Across the entire product development lifecycle (from commit stage to production)
  • Covered the company’s full breadth of software delivery platforms to support all customers
    • Android, iOS, Desktop browser – private/public on-­‐premise/cloud infrastructure
  • Provided training to hundreds of engineers for new Devops tools and processes
  • Provided Continuous Delivery global support desk service
  • Provided Continuous Delivery as a Service (CDaaS)
    • Pipeline analysis/design-­‐architecture
    • Plugins/modules discovery/adoption
    • Best-of‐breed CD tools integration & testing
  • Applied process driven scientific approach to Continuous Delivery
  • Provided integration of continuous delivery practice with Agile & DevOps


By helping the company ensure more rapid innovation, objective thinking and the highest quality standards, Infostretch has helped reduce operational costs, speed cycle time and increase customer satisfaction.

Standardized Delivery Process

Progression in CD Maturity Level

Reduced Delivery Risk

Mean Time to Recovery reduced by 35% More Durable Product/Service Delivery

2x Faster Time to Market

Faster Feedback and Reaction Times Reduced cycle times by 50%

Cost Savings by 20%

Higher Quality

Enabled Continuous Inspection & Testing

Infostretch enabled Continuous Integration and Deployment strategy to deliver full-featured web and mobile solutions, faster and at a reduced total cost

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