Digital Health Startup Accelerates
Time-to-Market with Infostretch

Integrated dev/QA approach cuts cycle time by 40% for wearable

Integrated dev/QA approach cutting cycle time by 40% for wearable device

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Our client is creating a new category of therapy: Digital Medicines. Digital Medicine therapy includes drugs that communicate when they’ve been taken, wearable sensors that capture physiologic response, applications that support patient self-care and physician decision making, and data analytics to serve the needs of doctors and health systems.


The company’s core competence was on the front end with medicine delivery and patient care. However, they had several challenges:
  • Regulatory compliance required to bring new healthcare products to market
  • Cost, time to market impact at every phase of the product lifecycle – Dev, QA, production and expansion
  • Short lead time for product launch in multiple geos
  • BLE connectivity across multiple devices


Infostretch is working with the client in every aspect of the product lifecycle


Application Development

  • Infostretch enabled mobile application to communicate continuously via BLE with the Patch worn by the patient.
  • Infostretch also supported the client on several other development projects including the middleware for the core client application – supporting both android and iOS – as well as the web front end portal for the standard patient application.

Software Verification and Validation

  • Infostretch created an end to end process to test and QA the entire service offering across the entire application lifecycle
    • Manual testing of the cleint’s mobile app
    • Automated testing and QA of the connection of the front end, back end and middleware
    • QA testing of the system’s firmware
    • Simulation of real-life patient reactions to the ingestible

Systems Integration & Device Expansion

  • Infostretch engaged in setting up a test center to replicate how the systems would operate and communicate with each other in real life.

Performance and Scalability Testing

  • The engagement also included performance testing on the backend – checking capacity performance and scalability of the client’s backend platform.

Site Reliability Monitoring

  • Infostretch provides remote system monitoring, regular performance reports, automatic alarms, alerts and real-time capacity sizing.


Solved several difficult BLE connectivity challenges integral to the operation of the Digital Health Feedback System.
Enabled secure, continuous communication via BLE between the Patch and mobile device and backend systems.
Enabled simultaneous testing on various mobile and wearable devices.
Extended existing frameworks and tools to include more advanced functionalities.

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