Performance Engineering & Monitoring for Digital Applications

Stay ahead of application problems that can impact your business; ensure a superior user experience

Most Enterprises Experience Application Outages
Several Times a Month

In the world of digital, user performance expectations are higher than ever. The inability to meet them on any channel can have a significant negative impact on the business. It can lead to:

Reduced customer service levels and satisfaction


Disruptions to employee productivity


Revenue loss and profit impacts

Pre-production testing and QA processes, no matter how thorough, cannot account for all potential performance issues. Production environments present an infinite number of combinations of hardware, software and other environment variables. New digital technologies push these limits even further, and introduce a whole new variety of performance bottlenecks. For example:
  • End-to-end automation requires combining strengths of different tools
  • Popular open source tools are unreliable and unpredictable on their own
  • Without proper integration, analytics and decision support are impossible
  • There is a huge dependency on automation engineers to enhance and maintain

Performance Engineering & Monitoring Designed for Digital

Infostretch helps enterprises ensure high application service levels and optimal customer experience across all channels with full-cycle performance engineering and monitoring specifically designed to manage and mitigate the performance risks involved with mission-critical digital applications.

  • Know what to expect before your application goes into production
  • Identify potential bottlenecks before production install
  • Tune application parameters to maximize performance
  • Do capacity planning for your application infrastructure

Manage and Monitor Performance Across the
Complete Digital User Experience

Infostretch provides performance engineering & monitoring services, tools and technologies for web, mobile, cloud and IoT applications. We help you get the data you need to quickly discover, isolate and solve problems that might impact an application’s performance. We deliver performance insights that expose and diagnose bottlenecks within the application, network, or infrastructure so they can be fixed before they impact users. Our services include:

Comprehensive end-user application performance management based on service-level agreements

A complete assessment and understanding of infrastructure associated with each application

Test planning and resource requirement analysis, use case analysis and performance scenario definition

Test data creation and test environment setup with consideration of network performance

Automation of performance test scenarios using tools

Test monitor setup, test execution and results analysis

Assistance in tuning the performance parameters for web servers, application servers, OS and database servers

Is Your Performance Testing Identifying Issues Before They Impact Customers?

Compare your current approach to industry best practices. The assessment Includes an interactive workshop, stakeholder interviews and recommendations for acceleration of your Quality Engineering initiatives covering processes, tools and frameworks.

Industry-Leading Performance Engineering & Monitoring Tools & Technologies

Infostretch has partnered with industry leading tool and technology providers to deliver comprehensive performance insights and assure the best possible user experience:

Performance Testing
  • load-runner-testing
  • silk_performer
  • web-load
  • apache-jmeter
  • soasta
  • open-sta
  • the-grinder
  • mstte
Performance Monitoring
  • hp-open-view
  • bmc
  • nagios

A Proven Process and Methodology that Delivers Results

Our performance engineering & monitoring services are built on a process and methodology proven to reduce operational costs, accelerate time to market, and increase application service levels.

Define & Design

Key Activities

  • Define performance requirements
  • Select performance testing tool(s)
  • Procure test environment
  • Define test data
  • Identify usage scenarios
  • Identify potential risks

Key Deliverables

  • Performance test plan
  • Risk mitigation plan
Develop & Baseline

Key Activities

  • Install and test performance test environment
  • Populate test data
  • Design test scripts
  • Record, develop and validate test scripts
  • Execute scripts for de-bugging and baseline

Key Deliverables

  • Performance test scripts and baseline report
Test & Tune

Key Activities

  • Execute test scripts
  • Add virtual users to identify bottlenecks
  • Tune the application server, web server and database
  • Tune the infrastructure and network

Key Deliverables

  • Performance test execution report
Certify & Deploy

Key Activities

  • Extrapolation analysis based on performance data
  • Capacity planning at web server, app server and DB levels
  • Certify application for concurrent users
  • Deploy risk mitigation plan

Key Deliverables

  • Capacity plan
  • Monitoring parameters

Resources – Performance Engineering & Monitoring

Identifying Application Performance Issues Before They
Impact End-Users

Compare your current approach to industry best practices. The assessment Includes an interactive workshop, stakeholder interviews and recommendations for acceleration of your Quality Engineering initiatives covering processes, tools and frameworks.

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