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Infostretch and Atlassian

New Generation Digital Assurance Solutions for Agile and DevOps environments

Application development and delivery teams today are hyper-focused on finding new ways to deliver higher quality products to market more quickly and efficiently. New wearable devices and IoT applications add to this challenge, increasing the number of unique combinations to be developed and tested. In response, IT teams are embracing Agile and DevOps techniques to automate testing processes, operationalize continuous integration/delivery, and shorten delivery cycles.

Infostretch and Atlassian are working together to enable development and QA teams to meet these challenges and take advantage of opportunities for improvement. Infostretch’s deep expertise in Quality Engineering and DevOps combined with Atlassian’s collaboration, development, and issue tracking software tools are helping delivery teams integrate Agile testing and automation into their development lifecycles to get new software to market faster and more easily.

Key Partnership Benefits

Our partnership enables enterprise software delivery teams to:

  • Seamlessly manage Agile testing inside JIRA
  • Operationalize automation within days of engagement
  • Leverage AI and machine learning techniques for more intelligent testing
  • Take advantage of the latest in Quality Engineering including containerization, service virtualization, release automation and cloud provisioning
  • Integrate and automate testing for DevOps pipelines
  • Reduce testing cycle times from weeks to minutes
  • Derive actionable insights from test automation data

Atlassian and Infostretch – Better Together

Together, we can help your team take full advantage of Agile and DevOps. Atlassian’s software tools help delivery teams plan, collaborate, develop, track and release software to market faster and more easily. Infostretch leverages these cutting-edge tools and applies the latest principles and best practices in software testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery such as containerization, service virtualization, release automation and cloud provisioning to help customers achieve new benchmarks in their software delivery. Additionally, Infostretch’s QMetry software, provides add-on tools for Atlassian’s JIRA. QMetry extends JIRA, offering advanced test management, test automation, and test intelligence through detailed quality metrics and coverage reporting for JIRA users.

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