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Infostretch and CloudBees

Enterprise-Ready Test Automation, Continuous Delivery and DevOps Acceleration Powered by Jenkins

CloudBees and Infostretch help enterprises take full advantage of the Jenkins open source automation engine to accelerate the delivery of high quality, mission-critical applications all around the world. Infostretch is a CloudBees Global Platinum Services and Reseller Partner and has in-depth experience with the CloudBees Jenkins platform and Open Source Jenkins. The company has dedicated architecture and engineering resources around the globe with expertise in deploying the Cloudbees’ Jenkins platform to accelerate Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) initiatives.
Infostretch is a certified CloudBees Training Partner.
We offer official CloudBees training for new and experienced DevOps admins, build, and release engineers. Available courses cover a variety of topics from job creation, to version control, and Jenkins plugins. Working with Infostretch ensures that you receive the most current training available on the latest CloudBees’ versions and solution sets. Learn More

About CloudBees

CloudBees, the Jenkins Enterprise company, is the continuous delivery (CD) leader. CloudBees provides solutions that enable IT organizations to respond rapidly to the software delivery needs of the business. Powered by Jenkins, the world’s most popular open source automation server, the CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform provides a wide range of CD solutions for use on-premise and in the cloud to meet the unique security, scalability and manageability needs of enterprises. The CloudBees Jenkins Platform supports many of the world’s largest and most business-critical deployments.

How Infostretch’s Partnership with CloudBees Benefits You

Jenkins is the leading platform for continuous integration and continuous delivery and it’s highly likely your organization is using Jenkins in some capacity today. But, as with any critical piece of infrastructure software, you need enterprise-grade features, reliability and deployment expertise to take full advantage of it and minimize the risk to your organization. Infostretch is a leader in QA and test automation and offers the rich expertise, CD template libraries, pipeline framework and test tools to help organizations accelerate their CI/CD initiatives and build a fast track to DevOps adoption. Jenkins has been a crucial part of many of our customer’s continuous integration and continuous delivery initiatives. Infostretch has developed a number of best practices that can help accelerate Cloudbees Jenkins deployments and enable dev/test organizations to take full advantage of the enterprise-ready capabilities of the platform including team management, security and role-based access, analytics and monitoring, developer collaboration and optimized utilization. Infostretch also offers several out-of-the-box extras that enable Cloudbees users to further speed their efforts. These include:
  • CD Pipeline as Code
  • CI/CD Jumpstart Programs for Cloudbees Jenkins
  • Express Accelerator – ready-to-use coded pipeline templates for Web, Android and iOS
  • Pipeline libraries for integrations with GitHub, static code analysis tools, code coverage tools, Slack, HipChat, etc.
  • Template test cases for coded pipelines
With these additional capabilities, teams can achieve coded pipelines in less than four weeks for common use cases, while eliminating guess work in their CD initiatives. The Infostretch team can leverage its expertise with the CloudBees Jenkins Platform to help you connect your application development and QA processes, automate more of your test footprint and accelerate the delivery of important new applications and services.


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