Wondering what to do with HPE UFT (QTP)?

We can help you put a newer, more flexible and
less costly QA infrastructure in place.


If you are concerned about your investment in HPE UFT as a result of the pending sale by HPE, you should be. With HPE shedding this “non-core” asset, future investment and support for UFT are in serious doubt.

Infostretch can help you make a seamless move to a new test and QA infrastructure that leverages the latest technologies and open source tools to accelerate your test cycles, reduce your costs and increase your level of automation.

And we’ll show you how for free.

Our Expertise

Infostretch offers a comprehensive approach to Testing, QA and Automation. We bring proven best practices to every testing engagement and have delivered our solutions around the globe in over 25 languages.

Streamlined Test/QA Processes

Enterprise-class methodologies, tools and infrastructure for test management and QA.

Whether you’re scaling an existing initiative or launching something new, we can help assure quality while reducing operational costs, increasing market coverage and speeding time to market.

  • End-to-end testing services
  • Proven tools and ready-made test packs
  • Cloud-based test labs with 3,000+ real devices
  • Validated best practices for Functional, Localization, Performance, Usability, Interrupt and Security testing

Expanded Test Automation

Proven best practices in test automation for mobile, web and hybrid.

We leverage hands-on experience with the leading tools to help users improve service quality and speed time to market while reducing operational costs.

  • Mobile, web and hybrid applications
  • What to automate and how
  • Support for CI and Agile Testing
  • Hands-on experience with Jenkins, Selenium, Appium, Perfecto and QMetry Automation Studio
For a limited time, Infostretch’s expert team will meet with your QA staff at no charge to help you evaluate your options for migrating your HP UFT scripts to a new platform – based on your specific needs.


For more information, or to request a free advisory session click here.

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