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Think Mobile, Think Infostretch


Think Mobile, Think Infostretch

End of another eventful quarter, and a big thank you to everyone for their continued support. Infostretch continues to make strides with new awards, new customers and new InfoNeers joining the family. And, we continue to innovate to keep pace with the industry trends. Be it Agile solutions or new mobile testing models, we are ahead of the curve and well recognized by everyone.

Learn about our mobile development, mobile QA and certification expertise through this short video and provide feedback on what you think. Wishing everyone a successful closing quarter and welcome to Fall 2012.

As thought leaders in the industry, we aspire to not only become your number one resource for Mobile and Quality Assurance but also for related knowledge and expertise.

Thank you, Rutesh Shah, CEO

Business Leader Radio

Top 5 Business Leaders of the West Live Interview with Rutesh Shah

Manish Mathuria, CTO of Infostretch and Any Wurst, Editor of SQE discuss Mobile Test Automation

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Live Interview

Top 5 Business Leaders of the West Live Interview with Rutesh Shah

Manish Mathuria, CTO of Infostretch talks to Amy Wurst, Editor of SQE about best practices in mobile test automation. What tools, what frameworks? What to automate and how much to automate?

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On the Frontlines of Innovation

Managed Testing Services for Retail

QA challenges in retail are centered around NFC, discount management and backend integrations. Infostretch designs more than 10,000 test cases covering scenarios for all these challenges and validates the flows from an end user perspective.

MobiXpert – Easy, On-Demand, Mobile Testing Service

More secure than outsourcing and more cost effective than in-house testing, Infostretch offers an on demand mobile testing solution – MobiXpert. Simply choose the type of test and the devices across several platforms – iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows to get a quote. And then, provision the service in a matter of minutes.

Thought Leaders – Mobile & QA

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