2019 Quarterly Newsletter – February

2019 Quarterly Newsletter – February


Operationalizing Digital Transformation with Geoffrey Moore, Digital Transformation Expert

Mr. Moore talks about the fundamental drivers behind digital transformation, the “connective tissue” in enterprises that makes it possible, and the importance of infusing an organization’s mission and “reason for being” into its digital fabric.

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How Open Source is Fueling DevOps and Digital Transformation with Derek Weeks, VP at Sonatype

Mr. Weeks talks about the fast-growing role of Open Source in enterprise DevOps efforts. They also discuss some of the potentially overlooked implications of that growth – from increased automation and faster cycle time to important new security and compliance considerations.

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DevOps, Digital Transformation & the Need for Speed with Jim Shilts, Founder of NADOG

Mr. Shilts discusses some of the common misconceptions about DevOps, the impact of organizational culture on the success of DevOps initiatives, and the interdependencies between DevOps and digital transformation.

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The Advantages of Open Source in the Digital Enterprise with Charles Ramsey, CEO, Sauce Labs

Mr. Ramsey discusses the growing strategic importance of testing and automation in digital environments, and the agility and flexibility that open source testing platforms offer for enterprises looking to accelerate their digital efforts.

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Digital Innovation at Scale with Steve Newman, CEO, Scalyr

Steve talks about the real impact digital transformation is having on development and test organizations and their DevOps initiatives.

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2019 Breakthroughs: Data, DevOps and Optimized Digital Transformation

We take a look at what the coming year might hold as businesses continue to embrace digitalization and everything it entails.

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Computer Vision in Artificial Intelligence

Our society is more technologically advanced than ever, but even our most sophisticated machines still struggle to interpret what they see. The future lies in computer vision, a subset of AI that deals with the science of making computers visually enabled.

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Is Your Technology Platform Designed with Digital Transformation in Mind?

ERP systems are a fact of life in most companies. It’s the system your enterprise depends upon most – but are you taking it for granted?

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Cut the Cord Without Cutting Your Customer: The Top 6 Keys to OTT Success

The success of OTT players like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu means cord-cutting is no longer a fad; even Disney is playing catch up! As more entertainment and media companies explore the phenomenon, we look at the top six considerations for OTT testing.

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testers-then-and-testers Now

Testers Then and Testers Now – A Role that Digital Has Transformed

Just ten years ago, being a tester was a very different role. Since then, our whole approach to optimizing quality has changed beyond recognition.

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Successful Adoption of Model-Based Testing (MBT) in Agile QA

Together with the Test Masters Academy, we explore model-based testing and the attributes we need to consider for it to be successful.

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Find Your Perfect Match – Augmented Reality, Alexa & Blockchain

How blockchain and next-gen interfaces can be combined for real ROI.

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Automate Testing for Next-Generation Interfaces

We take a look at the new generation of digital interfaces, such as BOTS, Alexa, and mobile, their characteristics, and the factors we need to consider when testing digital applications.

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Our CEO, Rutesh Shah, was accepted into the Forbes Technology Council

Shah was vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of his experience. Criteria for acceptance include a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors.

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‘DTV: The Digital Transformation Channel’ was recognized as ‘The Best Use of YouTube’ at the 2018 IMPACT Awards

A new, innovative use of YouTube, featuring technology leaders and how they are interpreting digital transformation and implementing it across their organizations, has earned the industry’s IMPACT marketing award.

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Our CEO, Rutesh Shah, was quoted by in an article about improving team morale

Eight Ways You Can Improve Your Tech Team’s Morale And Engagement.

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Software Testing News published an article by Infostretch CEO, Rutesh Shah, on the importance of continuous testing in resolving software failures

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