Accelerating Digital Initiatives

2018 Quarterly Newsletter – April


Infostretch Launches ASTUTE: AI-Powered Testing for Rapid Digital Transformation

Find out how the new suite of AI-powered testing solutions from Infostretch is a game-changer for testing. Reduce testing efforts by 40 percent, cut the backlog and accelerate release times.

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Welcome to the Home of Digital Transformation

We recently launched DTV, the digital transformation channel on YouTube featuring some of the brightest minds in digital transformation. We put them through their paces and bring them to you!

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No Excuses. You Need Performance Testing

For mission-critical applications, Performance Testing is vital. Yet, it remains a highly under-employed form of testing. That needs to change – now.

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Harness Intelligent Automation for Better Testing with AI

Digital transformation relies on companies successfully automating much of their testing, and yet the proportion who are doing so is still woefully small. AI-enabled automation, or what we call Intelligent Automation, could change that.

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How to Flip Your Test Automation Pyramid for Agile

Joined with Tricentis, we discuss how Agile requires flipping the traditional “ice cream cone” test automation model on its head… but how do we actually do that? View to see a “nuts and bolts” look at how you can evolve your current testing stack to more closely mirror that of the Agile test automation pyramid. Presented by: Thomas Stocker, Product Manager, Tricentis and Sivakumar Anna, Senior Director of Enterprise QA, Infostretch

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Top 5 Automation Challenges & How to Solve Them

Together with our partner Perfecto, we discuss the pressures of adapting to a DevOps and CI environment, we identify the biggest challenges for enterprises and we help you solve them. Presented by: Eran Kinsbruner, Director, Technical Evangelist, Perfecto and Manish Mathuria, Co-Founder & CTO, Infostretch

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Auto-Convert Freestyle Jenkins Jobs to Coded DevOps Pipelines

Serious about CI / CD and DevOps? Jenkins jobs piling up? Infostretch launched a free Jenkins plugin that auto-converts freestyle Jenkins jobs to coded DevOps pipeline. Learn how it works and auto-convert around 90 percent of freestyle Jenkins jobs, while auto-generating coded pipeline scripts. Presented by: Sanil Pillai, Director of Infostretch Labs, Infostretch

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Agile Analytics for Actionable Intelligence

Data is the foundation for digital transformation, but turning disparate data into actionable intelligence has long been a challenge for enterprises. Help has arrived! Presented by: Praveen Kumar, Enterprise Data Architect, Infostretch

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