2017 Quarterly Newsletter – May

2017 Quarterly Newsletter – May


Infostretch to Double its Indian Headcount

In response to dramatic growth that we’re seeing in areas such as Software Automation, IOT systems and Artificial Intelligence, Infostretch is establishing a new IT facility in Bengaluru, India, and planning to double the size of our engineering team working in our India operations.

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How to Automate Testing for Next-Generation Interfaces

Today’s IT systems communicate with customers through various interfaces including web, mobile, and apps like Siri and Alexa. Watch this web seminar to discover how to navigate testing the array of interfaces in this new, hyper-connected landscape.

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Transform from QA to QE the Right Way – A Case Study

Watch this informative webinar to learn how Scholastic Publishing built a modern QE organization, and take a page from the Scholastic playbook for better quality results, faster.

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Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Quality Engineering

A lot of debate centers on the benefits and reasons why organizations should put ‘digital first’ and transform their software development and operations with a QE mindset. Can you afford not to look at QE?

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How to Tell if Your IoT Strategy is Rock Solid

There are many drivers powering the surge in enterprise IoT initiatives — improved business efficiency, better decision-making, improved customer engagement and competitive advantage are all top benefits. But in our experience at Infostretch, IoT initiatives don’t always behave as they are supposed to. How do you know your strategy is rock-solid?

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Master QE for Laser Sharp Customer Focus

Business success hinges on delivering superb customer experience. To ensure your software is used, not just downloaded and forgotten, it needs to do what it does supremely well. So how does a QE approach to digital initiatives improve customer experience?

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