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Infostretch Attends Oil & Gas Mobility Event in Calgary

Infostretch Attends Oil & Gas Mobility Event in Calgary

Infostretch’s Chief Technology Officer and Founder Manish Mathuria delivered his presentation on mobility in the enterprise on October 27, 2014 at the Oil & Gas Mobility event in Calgary, Alberta. Mathuria covered several topics including the top ten considerations in mobility and its numerous benefits with oil and gas industries.

The implementation of mobile technology has become a top priority for the CIOs in the oil and gas industry. Enterprise mobility has proven its ability to improve communication and efficiency in the workplace. In the oil and gas business, mobility creates a more effective method of communication for departments such as field operations, inspections, and training. With field operations, solutions for various problems can be solved by quickly sending lists and texts from one end to another through mobile devices, creating a high return value for the company.

When discussing wearable use cases, Manish Mathuria stated, “When an employee is looking at a piece of equipment, Google Glass can capture sensor data through servers and tell the employee precisely what he or she is looking at. Google Glass would then give the employee instruction manuals and maintenance advice, telling them exactly what to do and what to fix.” He added, “These visionary cases are a part of the next generation and can greatly benefit the oil and gas industry.”

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