Infostretch Labs-as-a-Service

Translate business innovation goals to actionable plans

Infostretch Labs is a client-focused Lab-as-a-Service offering which enables clients to turn their digital ideas into reality – in less time and with less risk.

Getting new digital ideas to market is full of unknown requirements and risks

Companies are looking to get their digital initiatives off the ground as quickly and efficiently as possible. This may require strategy, prototyping, UI/UX design, and test/QA.

Infostretch Labs can help you move faster with less investment in expertise, infrastructure and tools

Infostretch Labs supports client innovation efforts by enabling them to prototype and test their digital ideas more quickly and thoroughly. We work with our clients to translate their business objectives to well-defined initiatives from ideation and co-innovation to advanced prototyping and testing. Companies can see results and get valuable feedback in as little as 3 to 6 weeks (vs. 6 months), speeding overall cycle time, informing further investment decisions.

Vertical and Horizontal Applications

While Infostretch Labs focuses on different business verticals for specific client use cases, we also leverage those use cases horizontally whenever possible to take advantage of new opportunities for innovation. In these cases, we can leverage the building blocks created to help our clients move their digital effort faster and smarter than otherwise possible.