IoT testing and Wearables Testing Services

IoT test automation designed to meet the QA and testing challenges for the latest devices and sensors


IoT Creates a Whole New Set of
Development and Testing Challenges

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a key enabler of digital transformation and plays a critical role in this shift. However, there are several challenges for development and testing teams in IoT including:
  • Different devices, networks, and sensors
  • New communication protocols
  • Integration requirements
In many cases, key functionality and connectivity are being attempted for the first time.

Infostretch IoT Labs

Our IoT testing and Wearables testing services are designed to help component manufacturers, device companies and solution providers accelerate IoT initiatives by enabling testing under real-life conditions.
Infostretch IoT Labs combines a cloud-based enterprise IoT architecture with our extensive QA and test automation capabilities and in-depth digital, mobile and IoT experience.
This enables us to incorporate all the elements of your latest IoT initiative to properly evaluate functionality and performance and provide constant validation and verification across all types of uses and functions.

Full-Featured and Functional IoT Test Labs – Ready to Use

Audio Visual

Simulate, test any A/V inputs and actions; e.g., devices that scans images, digital walls, controlled lighting, remote robots, preset environments, etc.

Space Matrix

Validate accuracy of sensors within 0.01mm; ideal for accelerometer- and gyroscope-based sensors.
Manage test data collection, analysis display and statistical aggregation.

Human Subject Validation

Identify validate device and application variances based on live individual characteristics; e.g., heart rate.
Test data collection, comparison and reporting; refine algorithms.

Connectivity/ Compatibility

Test device operation under different environmental conditions and IoT protocols; e.g., Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, ZigBee, GPS, Beacons, etc.


Simulate human variables to test device operation; walking, running, sitting, etc.


Test devices that depend on location; e.g., obtaining location data, types of data in different conditions.


Test IoT robots under different physical and environmental conditions.
Simulate automated testing using robots.


Test and monitor any IoT app on live devices in real-world user conditions.
Take advantage of existing integrations, test frameworks, and automation tools.

IoT and Wearables testing Industry-Specific Labs

For testing all types of IoT applications and use cases


  • Motion Capture
  • Data Capture
  • Data Analysis
  • Personal Display
  • Data/Results Sharing
  • Ongoing Statistics


  • Push Notifications
  • Personalized Experiences
  • Product Availability
  • Dwell Time Monitoring
  • Mobile Payment
  • Content Relevance


  • Digital Walls
  • Content Relevance
  • Push Capability
  • Controlled Lighting
  • Remote Robots
  • Preset Environments


  • Raw Data Collection
  • Data Comparison/Analysis
  • Algorithm Refinement
  • Comparison Reporting

Custom IoT Test/QA Labs

Infostretch can address the unique test and QA requirements for any individual IoT device or application. We provide R&D expertise and work with your team to create the ideal test/validation solution. This includes creating physical labs as needed to assure the quality and performance of your IoT devices and software.
Infostretch Custom Lab-Based Testing Process

Putting our IoT and wearables testing services to Work Infostretch Case Studies

Infostretch has hands-on experience with a variety of IoT applications and use cases.
Integrated development and QA for a groundbreaking new digital health feedback system involving ingestible sensors and wearable patches.
New UI for Comtech TCS connected car solution integrates diverse navigation and location services and opens up new revenue opportunities with automotive manufacturers and OEMs.
Automated testing of Peloton’s mounted display for a sensor-equipped exercise bike. The application collects data from sensors and computes metrics related to the user’s exercise session to make it interactive.
Set up test lab and software tools to extract, compute and compare data with metrics for optical heart rate monitoring from exercise equipment. Facilitated real-time human subject data capture for a wide range of subjects.
Set up a lab to validate sensors for sports equipment. The solution consists of an array of cameras and active trackers with integrated software to compute sensor data in real time.
Agile test/QA methodology for innovative lifestyle wearables brand; includes all manual functional and non-functional testing of iOS App for connected bracelet.

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Are Your IoT testing and Wearables testing Initiatives on the Fast Track?

We can help you think through the best approach and identify the best ways to optimize the testing of your new IoT device or sensor. Get a free consultation with one of our IoT Lab experts.

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