Improve QA efficiencies using our Intelligent Testing Services

Leverage AI and predictive analytics to optimize
your entire testing & quality processes

Infostretch has over a decade of success in digital testing. We combine deep expertise, the latest tools on the market, internal IP, and AI-based technologies to optimize every aspect of your testing lifecycle.

The Need for Speed in Agile and DevOps Environments Creates New Challenges for QA and Testing

To meet the growing demands of digital, enterprises are increasingly adopting Agile and DevOps principles. However, many testing and QA departments are not properly equipped to meet the requirements of these new environments. They still view testing as a linear activity and haven’t taken the same holistic approach to optimizing the entire lifecycle in the way that development teams have with their adoption of Agile.

In our work with enterprise development and test organizations, we see a number of common challenges in Agile environments:

  • Uncertainty in prioritizing test cases
  • Too much time spent clarifying and communicating test requirements
  • A huge backlog of test cases and rising test environment costs
  • High test script maintenance costs due to frequent changes to applications
  • Too much time spent on application fixes
  • Inefficient use of resources spent executing similar testing steps
  • Time wasted conducting testing that won’t impact quality or coverage
  • Difficulty accessing and managing test data
  • A lack of expertise with the latest technologies and tools to provide predictive insights

Infostretch Makes Testing and QA More Intelligent

Our Intelligent Testing services are designed to optimize every aspect of your testing lifecycle and deliver big business benefits from discovery all the way through maintenance.

Increased Agility

Savings in total effort required

Redistribute testing costs; leverage unused resources for innovation.

Enhanced Quality

Increase in test optimization

Get the latest and most needed features into customers’ hands more quickly; provide the ultimate CX.

Increased Efficiency

Greater operational efficiency

Give developers a better understanding of what is critical to performance, functionality, and CX.

Intelligent Testing Services

Infostretch combines its QA and test expertise with AI-powered IP to streamline the QE process and drive big improvements in test coverage, quality, user experience, cycle time and cost.

Infostretch’s Intelligent Testing Offering

“Enterprises are looking to AI to exploit the wealth of data found in various levels of their IT organizations, whether at the software development level, or on the production side. With AI, they have an untapped opportunity to better identify where defects lie, increase the quality of applications, and ultimately improve the UX of end-users, customers, and other stakeholders.”
Dominique Raviart
IT Services Practice Director
“Competitive pressures are driving enterprises to push new innovations faster to market. With increasing adoption of Agile and DevOps, traditional software testing processes are not able to scale. By deploying AI-powered BOTs for test automation, organizations can now focus more on delivering superior customer experiences rather than solving everyday testing challenges.”
Ed Hein
Manager, Digital Verification and Validation