Comprehensive Digital
Assurance Testing Services

Accelerate cycle time and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

Digital is creating a whole new set of requirements and challenges for software delivery teams today, especially in the areas of QA and test management.

Intelligent Testing

Infostretch has over a decade of success in digital testing. We combine deep expertise, the latest tools on the market, internal IP, and AI-based technologies to optimize every aspect of your testing lifecycle.

Test Automation

Infostretch helps Test/QA organizations expand their use of automation to speed time-to-market for new digital services while reducing operating expenses.

Functional Testing

Infostretch assures the functional quality of software to enhance the user experience while accelerating cycle time.

Performance Testing for Digital

Infostretch helps enterprises stay ahead of application problems that can impact the business. Our full-cycle performance testing services are specifically designed to manage and mitigate performance risks.

Regression Testing

Infostretch assures comprehensive test coverage for digital portfolios, so businesses can deliver the intended service outcomes for their users.

Mobile Testing and Beyond

Infostretch enhances and accelerates mobile testing and QA efforts to extend our clients’ competitive advantage and increase the loyalty of their customers.

Compatibility Testing

Infostretch offers complete compatibility testing services and infrastructure to ensure your applications deliver the optimal digital user experience in any environment.

Test Centers of Excellence for Digital

Infostretch helps companies create their own Test Centers of Excellence (TCoE) to align testing processes, people, infrastructure and tools to operate as a shared service.

Visual Testing Services for Digital Interfaces

Infostretch helps enterprises accelerate their Quality Engineering processes with automated visual testing and layout verification.

Security Testing for Digital

Infostretch offers end-to-end security testing services specifically designed for digital – to protect applications from design & development through QA & maintenance.

Selenium-Based Test Automation

Infostretch’s Selenium-based test automation framework speeds cycle time, improves organizational agility, and increases the impact of existing automation efforts.