DevOps for Digital

Accelerate your digital product and service initiatives

Infostretch offers comprehensive services and expertise to put your DevOps initiatives to work – embedding quality into product development and continuously tuning your test automation efforts.

Are your DevOps efforts doing enough?

In the new age of digital, most enterprises are pursuing DevOps initiatives to move faster and more flexibly in application development, testing and QA. They are trying to compress release cycles and push changes to production faster. To do this successfully, delivery organizations must:

  • Integrate test/QA with development and operations
  • Leverage Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery processes
  • Take advantage of analytics to make better decisions faster

It’s easy to say, but where should your organization start? You’re likely already working on some of these goals. How can you move faster? What specifically does your organization need to do to move forward?

See how Infostretch makes DevOps work

From initial strategy and planning through delivery and support, we have the DevOps expertise, process and tools to accelerate the integration of your dev/test efforts and increase your level of automation so you can produce higher quality applications and services faster and more efficiently.

With these capabilities, we can help your organization deliver big value to the business in the form of:

  • Early defect detection
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced manual requirements and overhead
  • Increased visibility and traceability

Putting DevOps to Work for Industry Leaders

Infostretch DevOps Services

Strategy & Assessment

To create a strong foundation, build the business case, assess maturity, and build your roadmap.

  • DevOps Assessment & Strategy
  • Maturity Model Evaluation
  • Maturity Roadmap and Blueprint
  • DevOps Jumpstart Program

DevOps Jumpstart Program

A 7-8 week engagement to get a CI/CD initiative in place leveraging Jenkins and Selenium automation. Outcomes include:

  • Automated Build Process
  • Automated Deployment Process
  • Test Automation Framework
  • Approximately 100 Automated Regression Test Cases
  • Reporting Dashboard with Real-time Software Health Tracking

Cloud Provisioning

To improve release process efficiency, harness the power of the cloud, scale rapidly, and accelerate DevOps adoption.

  • Configuration Management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)
  • Application Container Packs
  • Application & Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Container Management (AWS, ECS, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes)
  • Auto-Scaling Through Feedback
  • Dashboards & Metrics

DevOps Enablement

To jump start your DevOps initiative, reduce cycle times using CI/CD, and use analytics to make more informed decisions.

  • Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery
  • Coded Pipelines
  • Release Automation
  • Cross-Platform Migration
  • Micro-Services and Edge Services
  • DevOps Cloud Migration
  • Jenkins & CloudBees Training
  • Pipeline Optimization and Support

Experience with the Leading Platforms and Tools to Accelerate Your DevOps Initiatives

From our DevOps Customers

Infostretch’s core competency in Agile combined with their ability to be dynamic and reactionary allows us to be very successful. Infostretch team members that work for us are just spectacular. Absolutely dedicated to our business goals in a way that’s unusual amongst our partners.
Eric Hensley
Vice President
Working with Infostretch, we found a company that really understands the mobility needs of customers throughout the entire development lifecycle.
Eran Yaniv
CEO and Founder
Infostretch has demonstrated experience across the mobile application lifecycle…and deep expertise in the technologies that support our mobile product development.
Richard Gallagher
Chief Digital Officer
We’re building an automation platform and we wanted the ability to extend that platform through the end of the engagement and beyond. Infostretch has delivered on that and more.
John Marshall
VP, Software Engineering
We have a lot of big ideas and crazy ways of doing things, and they’ve been able to help us to put that into a system that allows us to really test and make sure that we’re not wasting our time or effort.
Skip Orvis