Winning at Digital: Turning Insights into Competitive Intelligence

Call it evolution or call it a revolution, digital transformation is the business mega-trend enterprises can’t afford to ignore. Whatever stage of digital maturity an enterprise finds itself in right now, accelerating and improving digital delivery will be priority for all. Many will make it a new year’s goal for 2018.

We all know how hard it can be to make good on those new year’s resolutions, whether personal or professional — especially if the January blues have set in. So, here at Infostretch, we want to give enterprises a helping hand with their digital transformation resolutions.

Join us for an informative, interactive webcast on January 25th in which we look at how the digital trends that emerged in 2017 will shape digital success in 2018.

Blockchain is everywhere. 5G isn’t… yet. AI is no longer a fad — bots are now a norm. Last year saw big, bold digital transformations, strategic alliances and… flops. Deciphering between what is mission-critical and what is a competitive differentiator is where even the best and brightest can get mixed up.

We will help to keep you focused, motivated and on track with your digital initiative through 2018. In the webcast, Infostretch’s Director of Product Marketing, Andrew Morgan, will take the biggest digital transformation pain points and drill down into each one. He will help enterprises assess what approach is right for them, discussing potential pitfalls and real-world experiences of putting digital to work. Topics to be covered include:

  • Why data-driven insights matter
  • How initiatives determine tools
  • Accelerating digital maturity by automating quality
  • Putting blockchain to work for enterprises.

So, if you’re serious about your enterprise’s digital transformation goals this year, register today for this insightful webcast.

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