Why Infostretch Wins at Digital Delivery, According to 451 Research

Accelerating digital initiatives is rightly seen as a business imperative that applies equally to digital native firms and established enterprises alike. The rationale behind these digital projects? To delight and inspire the customer. Beyond this deceptively simple starting point lies a good deal of nuance. Selecting the right path, selecting the right development partner and working together to execute a successful, transformational project is no mean feat. At Infostretch, we sum up this process into “getting digital right, the first time”, but we know you need reliable, great quality intel from the outset.

That’s why we’re pleased to be the subject of a recent 451 Research Market Insight report, “Infostretch seeks to enable digital outcomes with its Quality Engineering services”. It’s a totally independent take on our company, our products and services, and where we stand vis a vis our competitors. You can download it here. If you’re considering how to progress your digital initiative, it’s a really handy resource that outlines the approach and available services you can expect from Infostretch.

Did you know…?

We’ve selected a few factoids about Infostretch from 451 Research’s report that give a flavor of what it’s like to work with us.

– Infostretch is just over 12 years old. We have around 60 active customers; the business has been on a 40 percent year-on-year growth path since 2011; and we are profitable with no outstanding debt. Our founders, CEO Rutesh Shah and CTO Manish Mathuria’s passionate and entrepreneurial spirit flows through everything we do. We never lose sight of that urgency, excitement and drive in our approach to client engagements.

– So, what does a typical engagement look like? Well, it really depends on the project but you can expect around 12 -15 dedicated engineers on the team. For a client based in the U.S., you might expect a third of your Infostretch team to be local and another two-thirds working offshore from India. Our approach is designed to deliver the most effective, efficient and speedy turnaround for our clients.

– We put our money where our mouth is – or as we say here at Infostretch – “We drink our own champagne.” We’re so confident you’ll be delighted with our results, we have a payment plan for established customers that allows them to pay us according to the outcomes we achieve. We do offer a conventional pricing structure, but we’re also happy to do things differently.

– Clients who engage Infostretch for Quality Engineering services typically start off with a one to two-week period of intensive immersion. Next, the client is positioned on Infostretch’s maturity matrix and we determine the best route forward. Completion of this phase may take anything from four to nine months, which is how long we expect before we can demonstrate ROI.

– Our Infostretch IoT Labs offering uses our 50,000 square-foot facility in the U.S. Clients gain access to the most advanced tools, tech and infrastructure available, which confers a three-month or more advantage over in-house design, and reduces overall project costs by 75%.

Interested in learning more about how Infostretch can accelerate your digital projects? Please contact us or download the 451 Research report.

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