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Where do you turn for the best intelligence on digital transformation?

Two thirds of business leaders believe that their companies must pick up the pace of digitalization to remain competitive (Gartner). In 2018, digital transformation is an imperative that no one can ignore.  It touches everyone in an organization… certainly extending far beyond IT, operations and the C-suite, which is where it is currently most being discussed.  By its nature, digital transformation asks enterprises to reimagine their business from the customer’s standpoint, which means there is no “one size fits all” approach. The enterprises we speak to do not just require high-quality intelligence on strategy or a primer on technology implementation. They are looking for something more.

That is why we are gathering the brightest minds in digital transformation, putting them through their paces and bringing them to you.

Today we are launching the new home for digital transformation. It’s where business leaders can learn more about best practices from practice leaders in digital and push the boundaries with the latest strategy, tech, tips and more, all relating to the real-life experiences of organizations making the shift to digital.

Digital Transformation TV is here. Take a look!

Our first videos include insights from International SOS’ executive VP, Tim Daniel; research director at 451 Research, Katy Ring; and Infostretch’s chief customer officer, Avery Lyford. They discuss what digital transformation really means for companies and how to take it from ideas to implementation.

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