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Localization Testing

“Localization is the process of customizing a software application that was originally designed for a domestic market so that it can be released in foreign markets. This process involves translating all native language strings to the target language and customizing the GUI so that it is appropriate for the target market.

Localization testing is absolutely essential if the application supports or is localized for many countries and languages.”

Because every country’s language, culture, currency, taxes and standards are different, it’s imperative for companies to test how well their applications perform with different aspects of international culture. However, unlike some other forms of testing, the process of localization testing and the knowledge required is highly specialized.

Common Mobile Localization Issues

The worldwide proliferation of mobile applications (and the mobile web) requires your products to be accessible and contextual for users in all markets and regions. But with the localization process exceedingly difficult to verify, many companies are excluding entire sub-sets of users without even knowing it.

  • Content — Static & dynamic content like catalogs, search results, metadata
  • Dates — Is the date January 1 or 1 January?
  • Characters — Different languages have different set of characters
  • Postal codes — In some countries postal codes contain letters
  • Phone numbers — Different formats for different markets
  • Direction — Some languages are written left to right, others are right to left
  • Currency conversion — Especially important for internet retailers
  • Tax calculation — VAT, sales tax and others vary from country to country

Why is Localization So Important?

“Our global customers have different demands of our products. We want products to ‘feel local’ and to support features that may be unique to specific markets. For instance, in India-based languages using a standard keyboard is difficult, so we develop strategies like virtual keyboards or category browsing for search. As we specialize our products for certain markets, it introduces more challenges for testing (e.g. requiring special cultural knowledge).”

 QTP + Perfecto approach for multi-language?

  • Data Driven Approach
  • Descriptive Object Repository
  • Repeated use of Test Scripts with different language inputs
  • Easy to implement & manage test data
  • Can execute test on multiple language version application


Descriptive Object Repository


  • Parameterized objects with Data Table

Reusable Functions

  • Create reusable functions by using descriptive objects


Perfecto by Perforce is mobile cloud platform and tightly integrated with QTP for mobile application. To know more about perfecto cloud, visit http://www.perfectomobile.com

Now on top of this approach user can design driver script and then execute test based on language selection and this approach will help you to create descriptive object at runtime. For example in this case if you want to run your test against English then set your QTP Data Table current row 1 and for German row 2. Based on row selection it will pick the language labels from Data Table and then create runtime objects.

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