Protecting Your Mobile Workforce

Best Practices and key technology consideration for traveler tracking solutions

In an increasingly global economy, employee populations are becoming even more diverse and decentralized, and workforces are more mobile than ever.

At the same time, an influx of new threats around the world are causing concern. Organizations need to protect their people when they travel abroad, and if incidents do arise, have mechanisms in place to provide the services and resources they need to ensure their safety and well-being.

As a result, we see an increasing interest in technology-enabled traveller tracking and information solutions. These offerings enable real-time tracking of employees on the move around the world and incorporate built-in capabilities for proactive communication and alerts. They combine technology with on-demand local resources and services.

Recently, Ipsos MORI conducted a global survey analyzing those who hold responsibility for protecting their mobile workforce to understand the most important factors when selecting a these types of tools, the different solutions available in the market and how they performed. The result is data-led insights and best practices for those considering a traveller tracking tool.

The role of information technology in enabling traveller tracking solutions should not be overlooked. These capabilities depend on the latest digital technologies and effective software development and quality assurance processes. The ability to deploy changes quickly, incorporate different local regulatory requirements, test for performance and accuracy, and integrate multiple data sources to drive the right alerts and traveller advice is critical. This aspect should not be overlooked as you consider how to move forward.

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