Infostretch and Perfecto: A Partnership Built for Quality and Speed

In the business of building and testing quality digital initiatives, quality partnerships are critical. We’re proud to say that Infostretch and Perfecto have been partners for nearly a decade now. How time flies! But more important than marking milestones is the fact that the Perfecto and Infostretch partnership delivers unbeatable value for our clients.

As a premier level services and systems integrator for Perfecto, we have developed deep expertise with their Continuous Quality Lab (CQL) and its test automation capabilities.   Automated regression testing on a device-by-device basis provides substantially improved UX, but it can be a very complicated and time-consuming process requiring dedicated testing expertise to account for all the variables. While Perfecto takes care of the  crucial device testing with its always-on, enterprise-grade CQL, the Infostretch QMetry Automation Studio (QAS) provides a test automation tool that offers a single, unified solution for web, mobile and web services testing. You could say that QAS provides a structured approach, while the impressive CQL capabilities accelerate test cycles.

The way we work together has evolved over time, so what can customers expect?

QAS and Perfecto – better together

Using our own QMetry Automation Studio, we have built custom frameworks, certifications and test case libraries for Perfecto CQL. The effects of this joint approach are remarkable for clients — ramping up test plans, reducing regression testing and enabling crossover and reusability benefits.  As testing complexity spirals, our automation framework coupled with Perfecto’s powerful cloud-based device testing offers top-notch functionality and flexibility, for fast results. No wonder it’s favored by customers working in some of the most demanding settings.

To see Perfecto and Infostretch in action, take a look at this joint case study for a major healthcare company. But we’re not limited to any one sector; our work has supported enterprises operating in telecoms, banking, financial services, retail, eCommerce and travel industries.

Common goals, parallel execution

Perfecto’s cloud-based device lab and Infostretch’s test management expertise share a common goal: maximizing ROI for customers by launching digital initiatives faster, with zero defects. With Perfecto’s powerful web-based access and automation of all kinds of devices, combined with our own framework, test management experience and global reach, we help organizations realize some pretty big savings.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • A drop in execution cycles of 60-80%
  • Agile methodologies working to deliver regression cycles of around 80%
  • Rapid progress towards your QE goals with integration of development and test automation.

To find out more about how we can help speed and refine your testing function, don’t hesitate to get in touch directly, or you can always look to our Perfecto partner page on the website for more information.