6 Things InfoStretch Celebrated in 2013

We all love a good end-of-the-year list, especially when it involves thanking our customers for their continued support.   2013 was a busy year for all of us here at InfoStretch; not only did we move from small office to a big one but we also built a strong team and long list of marquee customers and partners along the way.

As 2014 begins, we wanted to highlight the top 6 things that we are proud and thankful to have accomplished.

1. We moved to a bigger office space

This is the second time in less than eight years that InfoStretch has added new positions and has doubled its office space due to growth. This new office is a fantastic place for the team to work as s well as a perfect environment to welcome customers and partners. This space is also important as we are focusing on developing the next generation of talent to support our current growth and future ambitions. This is one of the first of the many important changes for the company in 2013

2. We positioned ourselves as an Application Lifecycle Management company

We are working with customers across all aspects of the application lifecycle — from design and development to testing and sustenance. We work with our partner ecosystem to leverage their technology capabilities. And we at our labs are innovating new tools to support different stages of this lifecycle.

3. Our new product release

We announced our two new products ATTESTO and SYNCHRO. These products address the User experience management and device proliferation challenges in the mobile sphere.

SYNCHRO is a mobile testing tool to enable manual testers perform testing under real device conditions on geographically distributed real devices using test once repeat everywhere technology. This product is a great addition to the mobile SDLC, considering that testing for real user experience is not that easy and seamless. Testers will be able to identify most of the difficult to find issues  using SYNCHRO with its Mixer technology that enables real user conditions on the device under test before the test is performed.

ATTESTO is a tool used to aggregate user reviews from different app stores and run intelligent heuristics to verify and validate user reported issues. This product will enable enterprise customers to improve the quality of the released app and integrate new features into new releases to meet end-user expectations. ATTESTO fits in seamlessly at the tail end of the mobile ALM after the application is deployed on app stores, when monitoring and user experience management are critical to enterprise brand.

4. Our new sales and development office in UK

We opened our first Europe office in Hanover Square, London. Our move to Europe aligns with our strategic vision to support enterprises worldwide. Our customer base has been consistently growing in Europe and our new office right in the heart of London will definitely help to establish stronger roots with existing and new clients. We are proud to say that we are one of the first companies to establish a private mobile cloud infrastructure for Enterprise customers. With its London office InfoStretch will have development, customer service, and technical service staff available to immediately meet European customer needs.

5. New key partnerships

One of our biggest partnerships last year was with Kony and Atos. Our partnership with Kony solutions is to provide custom mobile development and testing solutions on the Kony MEAP that will help InfoStretch design, deploy and manage enterprise grade apps for its customers using Kony’s expertise.

Strategic partnerships are important to enable innovation and growth and our alliance with Atos will help us to achieve just that. Our domain expertise in mobile testing with homegrown IP, accelerators and state-of-the-art tools and our presence in the US market and success in key verticals like banking are key differentiating factors that bring diversity to the services Atos can provide. With this symbiotic partnership, we will be able to take on the European market.

6. And finally, continued support from all of you — our customers

Our customer base is increasing rapidly, and we are ever so grateful to be able to support all of you.

2013 has been an incredible year for InfoStretch. We enjoyed the ride and are looking forward to 2014 to reach new heights.

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