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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Software Testing

When Infostretch was founded in the early 2000’s, the founders set out to radically improve the quality and reliability of digital products.  Their expertise gave them insight...

How Software Testing Is Evolving by Leveraging AI

Software testing has gradually evolved in the past few decades. Starting from manual testing, the features and functionality of software, to Integrated Development Environments...

Why DevOps & Agile Developers Need Intelligent Testing

As we know, enterprises are increasingly incorporating Agile and DevOps practices to shorten development times, speed-up innovation, and foster improved communication and...

Why 2019 Will be the Breakout Year of Intelligent Test Automation

If you look at any recent article on the hot tech trends for 2019, the chances are good that automation and AI will be fairly high on the list. What you might not have read,...

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