Auto-Convert Freestyle Jenkins Jobs to Coded DevOps Pipelines

Minimize manual effort, enforce code standards, and reduce application maintenance costs

Are You Manually Converting Your Freestyle Jobs to
Coded Pipelines? Infostretch has a FREE Solution!

Are Your Jenkins Jobs Piling Up?

If you’re using Jenkins 1.0 to orchestrate application releases, you’re likely doing a lot of manual conversions and migrations to get those jobs into your DevOps pipelines. When migrating to Jenkins 2.0, converting freestyle jobs requires your DevOps engineers to drill down on each one of those hundreds or thousands of jobs to understand tools, configurations, URLs, parameters and more before rewriting them in pipeline syntax.
  • It’s very manual and error-prone
  • It takes a lot of time and effort
  • It requires a lot of domain knowledge to get pipelines right

New Infostretch Jenkins Plugin
Streamlines Your Pipeline Process

Infostretch has created a plugin for DevOps teams that streamlines the process, and accelerates pipeline on-boarding for any new set of applications.
jenkins-plugin-graph jenkins-plugin-graph

The Infostretch plugin dramatically reduces your team’s time and effort by:

Auto-generating script to convert freestyle Jenkins jobs to coded pipeline
Assuring adherence to proper coding standards
Separating complex business logic and standards declaration from execution flow

Expert Services to Accelerate Your Jenkins Migration

In addition to providing you with the free Jenkins plugin, Infostretch leverages its expertise with Jenkins and the free plugin to further accelerate your DevOps pipeline:



Some portion of your freestyle Jenkins jobs will have different dependences and customization requirements that need to be addressed before they can be moved to pipeline. Infostretch leverages its expertise with Jenkins to make this effort as fast and efficient and possible.



Infostretch provides Jenkins 2.0 training on pipeline-as-code to help accelerate your Jenkins migration.



Once you move the jobs into your DevOps pipeline, it is extremely important to test and QA them. Infostretch has extensive expertise in testing pipeline jobs to ensure your converted pipelines work efficiently.

Move Your DevOps Pipeline Forward Faster and
More Efficiently

By leveraging the Infostretch plugin and expert services to convert your freestyle Jenkins jobs to coded pipelines, your organization can:
Reduce the manual effort of your DevOps engineers by as much as 60%
Enforce coding standards at every level in the organization
Enable a seamless and systematic transition for any new set of applications being on-boarded to your DevOps pipeline
Reduce the cost of application maintenance by 40%

Infostretch Will Get Your Freestyle Jenkins Jobs Moving Again


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