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Increasing Challenges with Testing for Agile and DevOps

To meet the growing demands of digital, enterprises are increasingly adopting Agile and DevOps principles. However, test and QA organizations are not completely matured to address these needs.

According to the latest World Quality Report, 99% of organizations face challenges testing in their agile environments while the average level of automation is only around 16%. A few impediments for software test automation are:

Huge backlog of test cases
Putting best practices into action
Using the right set of tools
Finding experts and putting the right team together
Not matured to leverage new technologies

Apply Deep Expertise Powered by AI

Leveraging its 12+ years of deep experience in test and QA, Infostretch developed ASTUTE – an AI-powered quality engineering suite comprised of intelligent testing services and BOTs that leverage advanced machine learning techniques to optimize every aspect of your testing cycle from discovery to maintenance.

Solutions for Every Testing Phase

ASTUTE saves more than 35% in your testing efforts AND enables you to quickly get started in a matter of weeks as opposed to months.

Infostretch is Putting AI to Work in Testing


Remove all ‘dead’ test cases from a repository of over 150,000 while reducing future automation efforts by 30%

  • Provided optimal test coverage through natural language processing, canonical models and semantic analysis. Reduced test case duplication by 12% and identified 35% reusable steps across the repository.
  • Extracted reusable test data and increased automation readiness of manual test cases
  • Coverage – Increased coverage using Model Based Testing approach while reducing redundant test cases by 12%
  • Reduced automation effort – Reusable test data sets and test steps resulted in faster automation implementation and reduced maintenance effort
  • Efficiency & go-to-market speed – TOBOT (Test case Optimization BOTs) helped to reduce test case duplication in less than 4 weeks

Optimize testing efforts within the risk parameters by using past defect trends and future quality predictions

  • Used Classification with Adaptive Learning to predict defects and correlate them to risk parameters. Utilized standard deviation regression to estimate efforts and resource allocations, and prescribe a risk management process
  • Coverage – Identify high-risk vulnerabilities using Adaptive Learning classification
  • Quality & user experience – Focused on high risk modules during testing based on defect predictions
  • Efficiency & go-to-market speed – Logic-programmed recommendations for resource allocations to prioritize tasks and manage risk

25,000+ automated test cases were executed on 4 mobile devices and 2 browser configurations on a weekly basis, leading to analysis of 150,000+ results by automation engineers. Needed to optimize the process to review results and identify real application defects.

  • Implemented configurable AI algorithms to identify defect patterns and automatically categorize them into error types, allowing regression engineers to focus on actual failures that have critical priorities.
  • Ease of use to isolate defects – Drill-down of result status’ to quickly identify real errors
  • Quality – Algorithm-based defect bucketing to focus on true failures
  • Efficiency & go-to-market speed – AI-based execution time and infrastructure utilization analysis to suggest optimization techniques for automation processes

Put AI & ML into Action for an Optimal Testing Process

ASTUTE enables engineers with limited knowledge of AI and Machine
Learning to apply these concepts confidently in software testing.

Benefits Across Entire Testing Cycle

Infostretch’s ASTUTE leverages deep quality engineering expertise, AI and
Machine Learning techniques to deliver quantifiable business benefits.




25% to 35% in total effort savings

The cost of testing now can be redistributed to grow the business by allowing resting resources to be used for innovation




30% to 40% optimization increase with 100% coverage

Enable confidence that deliverables will be able to get into customers’ hands as quickly as possible, making for more loyal customer experiences




Enhance quality by 20% to 40% prior to execution

Intelligent insights gives developers a true understanding of what is paramount to the performance, functionality, and launch

Our Customers & Analysts Say it Best

Competitive pressures are driving enterprises to push new innovations faster to market. With increasing adoption of Agile and DevOps, traditional software testing processes are not able to scale. By deploying AI-powered BOTs for test automation, organizations can now focus more on delivering superior customer experiences rather than solving everyday testing challenges.
Ed Hein
Manager, Digital Verification and Validation
LifeScan (a Johnson & Johnson Company)
Enterprises are looking to AI to exploit the wealth of data found in various levels of their IT organizations, whether at the software development level, or on the production side. With AI, they have an untapped opportunity to better identify where defects lie, increase the quality of applications, and ultimately improve the UX of end-users, customers, and other stakeholders.
Dominique Raviart
IT Services Practice Director

Is Your Organization Ready for Test Optimization?

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