Infostretch in Forrester Report – Vendor Landscape
News  November 14, 2016
An overview of vendors that can assist with B2C apps and guidelines…
IoT Development & Testing Acccepted for UK Public Sector Services
News  November 2, 2016
Infostretch has been accepted as a supplier of Specialist Cloud Services in…
Infostretch in Forrester Report – Vendor Landscape: B2C Mobile
News  October 26, 2016
Customer-obsessed firms want to nail mobile moments, but many lack a cohesive…
Infostretch in Forrester Report – Vendor Landscape: Mobile Dev
News  October 20, 2016
This report provides AD&D pros with an overview of the rapidly converging…
Fact-Checking Your IoT Use Case
News  October 17, 2016
The key to fully realizing the IoT promise lies in the ability…
Infostretch CTO Interviewed @ Jenkins World, 2016
News  September 30, 2016
InfoStretch CTO Manish Mathuria talks to DevOps.com about the DevOps Express consortium
14 DevOps Leaders Join Forces
News  September 21, 2016
CloudBees, Sonatype, GitHub, CA Technologies and 10 other IT solutions and service…
14 DevOps Vendors Link up to Simplify Enterprise Adoption
News  September 15, 2016
DevOps Express initiative aims to streamline the way enterprises transform their software
Infostretch in Gartner Report – IT Market Clock – App Development
News  September 9, 2016
Application development technologies and disciplines continue to evolve as the need to…
How Many Smart Lightbulbs does it Take to Make a Connected Home
News  August 3, 2016
Today, much of the discussion has shifted to smart home systems, which…
The Pulse of Digital Healthcare: What’s the Prognosis?
News  July 28, 2016
For many of today’s consumers, digital healthcare is defined by electronic health…
DailyUse selects Infostretch for Contactless Mobile Payment
News  July 20, 2016
The Infostretch engagement included a comprehensive development roadmap compatible with Android
DailyUse Taps Infostretch for Contactless Mobile Payment Platform
News  July 19, 2016
Enterprise mobility solution provider Infostretch announced that it has provided software
Why is the Dream of the ‘Connected Home’ so Disjointed?
News  July 19, 2016
Mention the term 'connected home' or 'smart house', and you conjure up…
Infostretch QMetry: Agile Dev Needs to ‘Shift Left’ & Love
News  June 28, 2016
QMetry Test Manager was built to help QA teams “Shift Left” i.e.…
Infostretch Launches QMetry Test Manager for JIRA on Atlassian
News  June 27, 2016
The solution comes pre-integrated with Atlassian JIRA Software, the #1 software development…
Infostretch in Gartner Report – Platform as a Service, 2016
News  May 31, 2016
Over 200 specialist and generalist PaaS offerings are represented in this comprehensive…
Infostretch in Forrester Report – App Testing in the Cloud
News  January 28, 2016
Fast and easy accessibility, elastic scalability, and pay-per-use pricing models make cloud