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Proven expertise, best practices and tools to automate and accelerate mobile, web and hybrid testing

The Changing Mobility Landscape Requires Speed

In the new age of mobile and IoT, enterprises must move faster in app development, testing and QA to keep up with the competition. This requires:
Automating manual test and QA processes wherever possible
Shifting QA “to the left” and integrating quality early in the development cycle
Embracing device diversity using the new breed of application UI testing tools to help the development team get maximum ROI for effort
Unifying testing of web, mobile and native apps and services
Adopting a feedback-driven approach to identify user issues early in the cycle
Supporting continuous integration/delivery processes

Successful Agile Testing – Automate Closer to the Code

Mobility requires speed and enterprises must move faster in testing and QA to keep up with the competition. This requires automating manual test and QA processes when appropriate.
To Enable Rapid, Iterative Development & Delivery

The Test Automation Conundrum

Manual Testing = Big Limitations
  • Proliferation of devices and OSs adds time and complexity
  • Tedious, error-prone and expensive
  • Non repeatability and reuse requires additional time and resources
  • Slows time to market considerably
Automation = Lots of Complexity
  • High cost of maintenance; very brittle
  • End-to-end automation requires combining strengths of different tools
  • Open Source tools are unreliable and unpredictable on their own
  • Without integration, analytics and decision support are impossible
  • Huge dependency on automation engineers to enhance and maintain

Infostretch – Taking the Complexity Out of Automation

Infostretch has developed a proven approach to test automation that leverages best practices in Agile testing, continuous integration and test-driven development to accelerate your test QA processes and reduce cycle time. We leverage hands-on experience with leading tools like Jenkins, Selenium, Appium, Perfecto, Sauce Labs and QMetry Automation Studio to help clients improve service quality and speed time to market while reducing their operational costs. We deploy the right blend of resources to complement the existing team and leverage existing tools and resources where appropriate. This ensures optimal impact and ROI.
Infostretch Approach
  • Reusable frameworks and easy to use automation tools that abstract complexity
  • Continuous integration, test-driven development (TDD), in-sprint automation
  • Business-driven development and testing concepts to create English-like scripting
  • Component/data driven automation that minimizes maintenance
  • Test frameworks that support test cases spanning GUI/WEB/ Services
  • Advanced reporting and trend analysis
Customer Benefits
  • Shorter cycle times and faster time to market
  • Increased market coverage – device, OS, geographies
  • Improved testing quality; higher service levels
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Increased user confidence and adoption
  • Substantial time and resource efficiencies

Simplified Mobile Test Automation with
QMetry Automation Studio

QAS is a test automation tool that provides a single, unified solution for web, mobile and web services testing. It provides a structured approach to accelerate QA cycles and enhance service levels. With QAS users can:
  • Leverage leading open source tools such as Appium, Jenkins and Selenium
  • Automate testing earlier in the Agile development lifecycle and take advantage of continuous integration tools to provide faster feedback to mobile development teams
  • Take advantage of Selenium-driven automation
  • Conduct automated, data-driven testing on real devices – either on-premise or in the cloud
  • Use intuitive, behavior-driven, visual development scripting to facilitate greater collaboration between QA team members
  • Get detailed reporting including trending, root cause analysis and automated screen capture
  • Gain added value from reusable test assets
Leveraging leading open source tools such as Appium, Jenkins and Selenium

Infostretch is Helping Industry Leaders Automate to
Accelerate Time to Market

Deployed multiple Agile development and test automation initiatives for Native, Mobile Web and desktop leveraging Jenkins, Selenium and Cucumber. Support for up to 17 languages and 11 brands.

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Deployed CI with Jenkins to automate 60% of mobile and web app testing. Covered multiple geographies, devices and apps; backend web services; reduced release cycle time by 84%.

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Optimized automation execution using Jenkins and Selenium-based framework; enabling faster feedback on new code; significant operational cost savings.

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