Are Your Development and Test/QA Processes Agile Enough?

Take advantage of our experience implementing continuous integration and delivery using tools like Jenkins and Selenium automation to speed cycle time, reduce risk and increase the ROI of your digital initiatives

Continuous Integration and Delivery are
to Your Digital Initiatives

Continuous Integration and delivery are essential to the success of your digital initiatives. They offer benefits far beyond development and Test/QA by enabling businesses to:

Develop the right product
Expertise and frameworks to build robust apps for wearable and connected devices for global needs.
Get new features to market faster
Gain competitive advantage.
Respond quickly to market dynamics
Fix problems; take advantage of new opportunities.
Accelerate innovation
Explore new ideas; stay ahead of the competition.
Provide higher reliability
Identify and fix problems more quickly.
Save time and money
Automation delivers ongoing efficiencies.
Get more impact from digital initiatives
Be faster, more efficient, with higher service levels.

Infostretch Accelerates Continuous Integration

In the new age of digital, enterprises need integration and automation frameworks to accelerate cycle times and keep up with competition. Infostretch ensures enterprise success with Agile and Shift Left strategies. Leveraging continuous integration and delivery approaches with tools like Jenkins and Selenium, we can improve service quality and speed time to market while reducing development and operational costs.

Infostretch Accelerates Continuous Integration
Infostretch Accelerates Continuous Integration

Jump Start Your Continuous Integration Initiative

Infostretch can put your continuous integration and delivery initiative in place in as little as 7-8 weeks with our JumpStart Program that leverages Jenkins and Selenium automation.

Review Phase

1-2 Weeks

Define Phase

4-6 Weeks

Deploy Phase

2-4 Weeks
  • Understand expectations from different stakeholders
  • Understand branching strategy
  • Understand dependency management
  • Qualify builds; maintenance release cycles
  • Develop release build environments
  • Coordinate multi-site development; Resolve broken build
  • Release engineering and CI flow design
  • Define branching and merging strategy
  • Define CI test automation execution
  • Select CI Tools
  • Design trunk, branching and merging strategy to support product development
  • Design step by step CI flow and scripts needed
  • Automate software builds and packaging deployment scripts
  • Validate starting, executing and reporting of basic builds test verification
  • Documented objectives
  • Promotion criteria
  • Tools and technology landscape
  • Dependencies – environment, process, etc.
  • Recommendation on available tools and technologies with pros and cons
  • Documented CI workflow as per the understanding and approval from all stakeholders
  • Review of branching and merging strategy
  • Deployment architecture and automation integration
  • Identified CI tool deployment
  • Various job configurations to would allow performance of tasks from Build to Deployment to Automated Regression in QA environment
  • Emails and notifications based on requirements

For more information on our CI JumpStart Program

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Infostretch is Putting Continuous Integration and Jenkins
into Action for Market Leaders

Deployed multiple Agile development and test automation initiatives for Native, Mobile Web and desktop leveraging Jenkins, Selenium and Cucumber. Support for up to 17 languages and 11 brands.

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Deployed CI with Jenkins to automate 60% of mobile and web app testing. Covered multiple geographies, devices and apps; backend web services; reduced release cycle time by 84%.

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Optimized automation execution using Jenkins and Selenium-based framework; enabling faster feedback on new code; significant operational cost savings.

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