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Putting the Internet of Things to Work

Putting the Internet of Things to Work

IoT has evolved, and Infostretch is leading the way

The Right Time to Think IoT is Now

The growth of IoT is connecting the world – at home, at work, at play and beyond. While phones and wearables continue to be a focal point, connected cars, appliances, homes, planes, industrial equipment and much more are all now part of the connected IoT ecosystem.

The Connected IoT Ecosystem

IoT has evolved into a diverse network fueled by the connectivity of complete ecosystems. While end user touchpoints are the most visible aspects, backend hardware, security, data sync, compliance, and integration are critical to enabling real value for businesses. The traditional tech stack no longer applies.

Picking the Right IoT Partner – Infostretch

As the IoT ecosystem grows, so do the number of unique combinations of use cases against devices, operating systems and other conditions. This not only emphasizes the importance of a well thought out development strategy, it also makes testing and QA more complex and increases the need for test automation. Infostretch brings a unique blend of expertise in design, development, testing/QA, backend integrations, infrastructure and industry expertise and proven frameworks to address these emerging enterprise needs.

IoT Strategy

  • Needs analysis and business alignment
  • Anticipating new use cases
  • Integration of development and testing processes
  • Design blueprinting

IoT Development

  • Platform design
  • Agile and continuous delivery
  • Pre-built tools and reusable frameworks
  • Experience with the latest platforms, sensors, devices and OSs

Iot Test/QA/Automation

  • Data testing using firmware
  • Simulation-based testing
  • Data comprehensiveness & accuracy testing
  • Interruption testing

Infostretch – Getting IoT Initiatives to Market Faster

Infostretch has defined, developed, QA’d and delivered successful IoT initiatives across multiple industries, geographies, and technology platforms. We can enable your IoT initiative from strategy through expansion and get it to market faster with less risk. Our experience includes:

IoT & Wearables

Expertise and frameworks to build robust apps for wearable and connected devices for global needs.

Connected Car

Providing the strategic and technical expertise to help enterprises capitalize on the vast opportunities around the “smartphone on wheels.”

Digital Health

Re-invent health industry with the help of our experts and detailed knowledge around mobility and regulatory know-how.


Obtaining deeper insights and comprehensive analysis of sensor captured data to enable better decision making.

Infostretch – Putting the IoT to Work

Internationalization of a fitness and sleep tracker wearable device app in the European market starting with UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain for a world leader in personal PC microprocessors.

Custom built solution to optimize, monitor and analyze the search engine performance of smart cars for a wireless location-based services company that provides GPS and automotive navigation solutions.

Automated testing of an Android-powered mounted display for a sensor-equipped exercise bike. The application collects data from the sensors and computes metrics related to the users exercise session to make it interactive.

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