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Discover the possibilities with Infostretch

Today we have access to more real-time information on our phones than any supercomputer could ever offer

Accelerating the mobility of things

Our health can be monitored second-by second by someone hundreds of miles away. Our cars and homes are connected to the rest of the world in ways never imagined possible. Sporting venues send targeted offers to fans’ smartphones based on what they like and where they are in the stadium. Sensors on planes and industrial equipment alert staff when certain parts need maintenance.
Now consider the impact of all of this on the future of your business

Customer relationships, products, services and operations rely more and more on digital connections every day. Mobile, web and enterprise apps need to be fully integrated and software development lifecycles have been compressed dramatically.

New requirements for success?

In the new world of ubiquitous connectivity, advantage goes to those that think better , faster, and more creatively about how they develop, deploy and mobilize software.

Success depends on:

  • How well you align your digital strategy with the rest of your business
  • How fast you leverage to develop new products and services
  • How quickly and efficiently you can deploy them
  • How agile you are in anticipating and responding to new market need

Infostretch is helping market leaders and emerging innovators ensure they end up on the winning side of this shift

We understand the requirements for success in the new world of connectivity and we can take on the burden of that complexity for you and your organization – to help you:
  • Align your software development lifecycle to the new realities of the market
  • Anticipate and develop for new use cases
  • Integrate QA and QE
  • Bring more “Agile” to your mobile development and test processes
  • Incorporate Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery into your development process
  • Connect your products and services to the latest devices and platforms
  • Respond more quickly to changing market dynamics and new opportunities.

Infostretch offers proven solutions to accelerate your mobility at any point across the entire application lifecycle

Align Strategy

Infostretch helps align your mobility initiatives with your business goals. This includes developing a strategic “blueprint” for development and identifying the right best practices for your organization to create a foundation for continuous innovation and fast time to market.

  • Value discovery
  • Business alignment
  • Project management
  • Needs analysis
  • Approach to Agile
  • Platform design

Accelerate Development

With extensive experience in Agile, CI and CD methodologies and knowledge of the latest mobile, IoT and sensor technologies, Infostretch can accelerate your development processes, help you engage with your customers and employees in new ways, and deliver important new and differentiating services.

  • Agile and Continuous Delivery
  • Reusable tools and readymade frameworks
  • UI/UX, full stack lifecycle management
  • Development blueprinting

Streamline Test/QA

Whether you’re scaling an existing initiative or launching something entirely new, we help you assure quality while reducing operational costs, increasing market coverage and speeding time to market.

  • End-to-end testing services
  • Proven tools and ready-made test packs
  • Cloud-based test labs with 3,000+ real devices
  • Validated best practices for Functional, Localization, Performance, Usability, Interrupt and Security testing

Expand Automation

Infostretch offers proven expertise and best practices in test automation for mobile, web and hybrid. We leverage handson experience with leading tools to help clients improve service quality and speed time to market while reducing operational costs.

  • Mobile, web and hybrid
  • What to automate and how
  • Support for CI and Agile Testing
  • Hands-on experience with Jenkins, Selenium, Appium, Perfecto and QMetry Automation Studio

Optimize and Monetize

Infostretch offers services and tools to improve user adoption and engagement; increase monetization; and lay the foundation for continuous improvement.

  • Review monitoring across App stores
  • Root cause and sentiment analysis
  • OS and language compatibility

So why do so many people choose Infostretch as their mobility partner?

Niche Focus

  • 750+ Mobility Experts
  • World Class Strategic Partnerships
  • Success in every Geo, Platform & OS available

Deep expertise

  • 10+ yrs of experience in managed services
  • 60+ active mobile customer engagements
  • 100+ apps developed and deployed

Engagement Models

  • Designed to optimize team interaction/maximize business value
  • Managed Services, Project based, Tech/Tool licenses, Joint innovation

Speed To Market

  • Optimal team to ensure best results
  • Proven methodologies and tools
  • Adjust quickly to evolving business needs

Infostretch is a technology services team specializing in
enterprise mobility

Head Quartered in Silicon Valley, Infostretch helps enterprises get their mobile, digital and IoT initiatives to market faster, more efficiently and with greater flexibility.

We are an expert in implementing Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) methodologies and tools and transforming businesses from Quality Assurance (QA) to Quality Engineering (QE).

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