Mobile Testing

Testing mobile apps is complex – we all know that. There are numerous platforms and OS’s (think fragmentation), numerous devices, numerous types of testing scenarios and a variety of network connections and carriers.

You have to test across several permutations and combinations to get to a zero-defect state. At each stage of the mobile quality cycle, there are specific questions that an enterprise needs to deal with.

Testing Types


  • Validation of Functionality
  • Smoke / Regressions Testing
  • Off line access testing
  • Negative Testing

Non Functional

  • Network Strength/Outage/Recovery
  • Different NW Types
  • Peripheral Testing


  • Voice / SMS interrupts
  • Notifications
  • Battery /Cable Removal

Memory Leak

  • Memory Usage
  • Memory Leaks
  • Garbage Collection

App Performance Testing

  • CPU Usage testing
  • Network Usage
  • Page Render time or activity Render time
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Usability Testing

  • User Experience
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Expert Review

Installation Testing

  • New App Install
  • Uninstall and Reinstall
  • Upgrade testing

Vulnerability Testing

  • OWASP Vulnerabilities
  • Dynamic Testing
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Data Encryption

Language Testing

  • Validation for Locales
  • Images and Text
  • Currencies, time zones etc.
  • Context

Security Testing

  • Security Auditing
  • Vulnerability – Scanning
  • Security Scanning
  • Penetrating Testing

Memory Testing

  • Review of cache
  • Data storage mechanism

Mobile Automation Services

The size and scale of mobile automation testing requires more than manual testing. Mobile businesses today utilize automated regression testing on a device-by-device basis to achieve real-world understanding of how customers experience their app. However, this is a tremendously complicated and time-consuming process that requires dedicated testing expertise to answer questions such as what, how and how much to automate. There is also a need to ensure time to market, keep within the budget and yet meet the expectations of top-notch quality.

What to Automate?

It is commonly known that regression tests can be easily automated to ensure that the basic functionality is maintained from the previous release. Also, OS specific test cases can be defined and that case can be executed in multiple environments for that OS. Automation works best with features that are stable and are not undergoing change. Not all features can be automated and require manual testing. So, there needs to be a right balance between manual and automated testing.

Our Mobile Automation Offering

InfoStretch automated tests for Mobile Handset Device testing enables ongoing regression with minimal effort for your team. Our specialization in automated device testing using technology from Perfecto Mobile enables us to perform ongoing regression testing remotely.
InfoStretch will help you reduce your ongoing costs of regression testing across multiple devices to improve the performance of your mobile apps. We create automated testing scripts that are reusable across multiple handsets and tablets to save you time and help you continually improve application quality.

Our Automation Ecosystem

We’ll Help You Get

mobile app testing

Improved coverage from automated testing across multiple devices on any carrier

mobile testing tools

Support for all the leading platforms in mobile industry

mobile testing

Continuous monitoring of already deployed systems

A Mobile Testing Center of Excellence (mCoE) Approach

This is well-defined frameworks to create a strong quality rooting for all enterprise software. It advocates the optimal use of mobile testing tools, expertise and efficient processes for every customer – we don’t believe there is a one size fits all approach when it comes to enabling mobile business, which is why we don’t offer one. Our Mobile Center of Excellence (mCoE) provides the right vision, channeled governance and strategic assets to make every quality engagement matter.

A Mobile Center of Excellence (mCoE) might not be a necessity in the early stages of mobilization with one app or one platform. However if there are more than three different types of applications for a large scale roll out to your end users, then it becomes important to have an excellence center to define standards, architectures and disseminate best practices. So in essence, it depends on the level of mobile maturity of the enterprise.

The Mobile Cloud Infrastructure

With InfoStretch Cloud infrastructure capabilities, you can provision any device you want from our virtual private cloud quickly. We provide 100% cross-platform testing support on iOS, Android, Windows and more. We help you to leverage our test and automation experts located across the globe and tap into our library of more than 4000+ ready-made test cases. We also make sure you automate relevant test cases significantly

Innovative Tools And Frameworks

All our service engagements are enabled by bleeding-edge mobile testing tools that significantly better every mobile engagement and improve application performance. We have the technology infrastructure for every stage of the mobile lifecycle. Packaged accelerators as part of our mobile platform – Elemento, custom Selenium framework for mobile and enterprise quality automation, geo-distributed, parallel, real-world condition testing with Synchro and intelligent validation of heuristics with Attesto. Read more about our all our products here

Agile Enterprise Engagement Model

InfoStretch combines its custom solutions, state-of-the-art UI and design, mobile automation testing, certification and sustenance capabilities to deliver a highly agile engagement model that provides business value that lasts beyond a few business cycles. Our Agile approach in each aspect of the mobile lifecycle brings a culture of continuous evolution and flexibility to ensure that your mobile environment never fails.

Customer Spotlight

“InfoStretch gave us a very comfortable feeling and a confidence that we could rely on the team to deliver a high quality solution. We have already accrued more than 35% savings in engineering costs by partnering with them. The turnaround time is absolutely fantastic and the team is very talented.”


“With customer experience being of prime importance to us at Vodafone, QA analysis & ensuring an error-free service is crucial. Infostretch with their ample experience & expertise in this domain, have effectively ensured continuous quality improvements & that our customers have a seamless & enriching experience…”


“InfoStretch QA team has been invaluable in the midst of a chaotic release in helping us deploy a reliable application. We understand the importance of process for predictable quality. We look forward to having the opportunity to ‘do it right’ with the InfoStretch team and leverage their 24*7 cycle for development and testing”