Mobile Testing

Testing mobile apps is complex – we all know that. There are numerous platforms and OS’s (think fragmentation), numerous devices, numerous types of testing scenarios and a variety of network connections and carriers.

You have to test across several permutations and combinations to get to a zero-defect state. At each stage of the mobile quality cycle, there are specific questions that an enterprise needs to deal with.

Testing Types

types qa testing


  • Validation of Functionality
  • Smoke / Regressions Testing
  • Off line access testing
  • Negative Testing
Non functional mobile qa testing

Non Functional

  • Network Strength/Outage/Recovery
  • Different NW Types
  • Peripheral Testing
Mobile qa


  • Voice / SMS interrupts
  • Notifications
  • Battery /Cable Removal
Mobile qa testing

Memory Leak

  • Memory Usage
  • Memory Leaks
  • Garbage Collection
mobile quality assurance Performance testing

App Performance Testing

  • CPU Usage testing
  • Network Usage
  • Page Render time or activity Render time
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qa usability testing

Usability Testing

  • User Experience
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Expert Review
Mobile qa installation testing

Installation Testing

  • New App Install
  • Uninstall and Reinstall
  • Upgrade testing
Vulnerability testing

Vulnerability Testing

  • OWASP Vulnerabilities
  • Dynamic Testing
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Data Encryption
Mobile Quality assurance language testing

Language Testing

  • Validation for Locales
  • Images and Text
  • Currencies, time zones etc.
  • Context
types or qa testing

Security Testing

  • Security Auditing
  • Vulnerability – Scanning
  • Security Scanning
  • Penetrating Testing
Memory testing

Memory Testing

  • Review of cache
  • Data storage mechanism

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