So What’s Your Mobile Strategy?

Whether your business is just beginning to go mobile, or you have existing mobile apps – InfoStretch can help you get the most out of it, wherever you are in terms of mobile maturity. InfoStretch offers customers a unique combination of mobile application development and testing expertise, robust home grown tools, and proprietary processes. InfoStretch is a mobile enablement Services Company built to ensure the end-to-end success of mobile business initiatives. Companies ranging from established Fortune 500 brands to fast growing startups rely on InfoStretch to conceive and execute mobile strategies because we deliver proven development, testing, deployment, and monitoring of mobile applications.

Enterprise Mobile Maturity Model

Enterprise mobile maturity model

Market Challenges

Enabling the mobile enterprise is not so simple. There are a wide range of issues across each stage of the lifecycle that need to be addressed. It begins with understanding the complex requirements and security issues, optimization and monitoring centric concerns and more.

Lack of mobile standardization because of platform and device proliferation

Concerns related to data on mobile devices

Shortage of development and testing skills

Need for complete support and monitoring post deployment

Understanding application’s usage and role to support enterprise needs

Success Mantras

Enabling a mobile enterprise requires the alignment of an ecosystem. At InfoStretch we try to cover all bases to ensure that your enterprise is enabled holistically. We take into consideration different types of factors such as a multi-channel experience, quality, optimization and relationship management.

At InfoStretch, we have designed an omni-channel approach to serving our enterprise customers’ mobile enablement needs. This multi-channel approach aims to provide a single unified mobile experience to a user across all channels. As part of the omni-channel strategy, we aim to create personalized, seamless and integrated experience across the channels.
Quality of the application and its overall performance is critical to having a successful mobile strategy. At InfoStretch, our objective is to ensure a successful mobile quality strategy for every enterprise application. We do different types of testing across platforms by leveraging our Mobile Center of Excellence approach.
As part of our visualization efforts, we do a complete discovery to establish a strong mobile strategy and roadmap. Visualization is followed by our end-to-end services ranging from development and testing to optimization. Optimizing the performance of applications post-deployment is an ongoing need for enterprises.
Design is not just about how applications look but also about how friendly the user interface is. So yes, it is all about UX. And when it comes to designing and developing mobile applications for different form factors, user experience becomes even more essential. It begins with identifying target users and their psychograph. Several best practices that need to be considered for a top-notch user experience.

Our Methodology

Methodology and approach is critical to execution of any mobile project. InfoStretch works very closely with all its enterprise customers to create a detailed engagement methodology which begins with strategy and ideation, design and development, testing and optimization and close monitoring and performance measurement of all activities.

Mobile strategy design, monitoring and performance activities

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