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We have a lot of big ideas and crazy ways of doing things, and they’ve been able to help us to put that into a system that allows us to really test and make sure that we’re not wasting our time or effort.

Skip Orvis



We’ve had several benefits from our recent engagement with Infostretch, helping us to achieve some key milestones. We’ve been able to utilize their ability to do not only software development, but also help with assembling some of the hardware needed to demonstrate the capabilities of our software.

Brian Salisbury

VP of Product Management


They have been there for us whenever we needed them, either to get the specialty skillsets, or the type of people we need when we need them. I think they have worked very well with our project needs.

Surendra Goel

Co-Founder, Chairman and CTO


Infostretch is an expert in the field of mobility. Over the years, we have built a very strong partnership with Infostretch where we have looked to them to partner with us in thought leadership around quality for mobility, around what’s coming next.

Pamela Thomas

Director of Digital Quality Assurance

Starwood Hotels & Resorts

We’re building an automation platform and we wanted the ability to extend that platform through the end of the engagement and beyond. Infostretch has delivered on that and more.

John Marshall

VP, Software Engineering

Basis, An Intel Company

I would use three words to describe Infostretch – responsive, flexible and engaged.


COO and Global Head of Technology


Infostretch has demonstrated experience across the mobile application lifecycle…and deep expertise in the technologies that support our mobile product development.


Chief Digital Officer

International SOS Assistance Inc.

Working with Infostretch, we found a company that really understands the mobility needs of customers throughout the entire development lifecycle.


CEO and Founder

Perfecto Mobile

The most impressive part of working with Infostretch is the quality of their people and their ability to attract and retain top technical talent.


Sr. Director, QA and Customer Care

Aravo Solutions


“Infostretch has pioneered all the aspects of providing excellent quality for our products. They have adapted our development environment to a custom Agile testing methodology that has allowed us to quickly build and market our products.”

Pamela Thomas

Director of Digital Quality

Starwood Hotels & Resorts


“As a startup working on a new mobile platform, there is a lot of customization and change in direction that takes place as we go through our development phase. Infostretch has been able to adapt, respond, support us and keep us on track all along the way. Their collaborative nature, understanding of the space, and experience with other customers has been invaluable.”

Steve Landry

COO & Global Head of Tech


test automation client

“Infostretch QA team has been invaluable in the midst of a chaotic release in helping us deploy a reliable application. We understand the importance of process for predictable quality. We look forward to having the opportunity to ‘do it right’ with the Infostretch team and leverage their 24*7 cycle for development and testing.”

Kurt Freytag

IT Director

The Body Shop

test automation client

“Infostretch’s core competency in Agile combined with their ability to be dynamic and reactionary allows us to be very successful. Infostretch team members that work for us are just spectacular. Absolutely dedicated to our business goals in a way that’s unusual amongst our partners.”

Eric Hensley

Vice President

Aravo Solutions

development client

“Infostretch has helped us achieve scale, cost-effectively in a very short time and that is critical to a company of our size. We have a lot of trust in their leadership and in their ability to help us grow faster.”

Ric Fleisher



test automation client

“Infostretch team helped us to establish QA strategy with onsite and offshore team as well as implemented cddb SDK test automation. We leveraged their QA knowledge and risk-based testing approach to enable quality in our development lifecycle.”

Mickey Mantle



development and test automation client

“Overall we could not say enough good things about the team that worked on our project. The resources were very knowledgeable, very precise and, gave us clear direction on what they expected from us. They not only did a great job developing our application but also made sure it was tested.”

Alex Bitoun

EVP Technology


test automation client

“The team built our test automation framework and within 6 months we achieved 60% automation coverage of our entire application. We’re impressed with the quality of work and outstanding partnership which has resulted in continuous quality improvements.”

Terry Thompson

Director of Engineering

Tiburon Inc

test automation client

“This release has been a fulltime and stressful process. We, at pingMD feel confident that we have a very appealing and complete product. This would not have been possible without Infostretch’s hard work.”

Alex Veilleux

Senior Vice President


test automation client

“With customer experience being so critical to us at Vodafone, QA analysis and ensuring an error-free service is crucial. Infostretch, with their ample experience and expertise in this domain, have effectively ensured continuous quality improvements resulting in our customers having a seamless and enriching experience.”

Dhananjay Nath



test automation client

“Infostretch continues to impress me with their passion and ability to exceed expectations. The team understands technology and its strengths which enables them to deliver excellent solutions. I am very happy with the overall output and quality. Keep up the good work!”

Aniket Tapre



test automation client

“Infostretch gave us a very comfortable feeling and a confidence that we could rely on the team to deliver a high quality solution. We have already accrued more than 35% savings in engineering costs by partnering with them. The turnaround time is absolutely fantastic and the team is very talented.”

Satwinder Mangat



test automation client

“As a QA professional I am very pleased with the work and approach that Infostretch team is doing. Infostretch has applied their years of knowledge and experience in QA testing in building a robust test management tool (QMetry by Infostretch), which in turn has become the key supporting tool for QA during development.”

Indra Desai



test automation client

“QMetry, by Infostretch is such a flexible tool! It allows us to build different projects to manage our hardware, software and web-based product testing needs.”

Melissa Bingham

QA Manager


test automation client

“Infostretch’s team efforts have led the creation of a truly innovative healthcare product and an exciting innovation in a new age of service delivery. We are getting close to 1,000 customers now and feedback is coming in real-time from our users, which has been very positive.”

Gopal K. Chopra


Dauphin Health, Inc

test automation client

“The Infostretch team is super professional and know their stuff in and out. It’s just amazing to see such high levels of responsiveness and courtesy. Their experience and knowledge has helped me evolve my enterprise mobility strategy and explore new technologies to take my mobile initiatives to the next level.”

Girish Shah

President & CEO


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