Selenium Framework for Automated Web Testing

What is the framework? Tool of Choice

InfoStretch has developed a framework for Web application testing and test automation using Selenium test tools that focuses on achieving a rapid return on investment – often in less than three months. The InfoStretch framework using Selenium has a robust set of pre-built features that include:

  • Parallel compatibility testing for many browsers from the cloud, with zero infrastructure costs..
  • Integration scenario testing across UI’s and Web services.
  • Highly maintainable and repeatable tests that utilize reusable test assets, proper modularity and semantic structure.
  • Data-driven Selenium tests with external Excel, XML and CSV-based data.

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Bring efficiencies to your testing process

Automate your entire testing needs Integration into many continuous integration/build automation systems such as Hudson.

Achieve your goals in testing efficiencies Best practices for coding conventions and process guidelines, and coaching on how to make apps "testable."

Realize a solid ROI Build Selenium tests faster to save time and free up resources.

"InfoStretch has pioneered all the aspects of providing excellent quality to our products. They have adapted our development environment to a custom Agile Testing Methodology that has allowed us to quickly build and market our products."
Edie Hovermale, QA Director, Ingenuity Systems