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Mobile Handset Testing

InfoStretch Mobile Handset Device Testing, for phones and smart phones, can help ensure that you aren’t losing revenue because your application has issues in the live environment. With our Handset Testing and Certification services, you can increase your speed to market, improve overall product quality and reduce testing budgets. Our team of experts offer testing services that will ensure your application’s functionality on handset simulators, and end-user experience on real mobile phones and smart phones connected to live global networks, is flawless.

Mobile Handset Testing and Certification Services
Handset Application Functionality Testing
Test on more than 2,000 real mobile phone and smartphones – for your application, content or website. Our Handset Functionality Testing includes data exchange, synchronization and messaging based on various network scenarios to ensure that your application and content is available for your customers all the time, every time.
Device Certification
Ensure that your application and content is working across multiple devices and prevent “after deployment troubles.” We certify the client library and applications on actual devices, and test the performance of the application, content, resource usage, behavior and interactions.
Automated Testing
Reduce your testing costs with Automated Testing. We develop automated tests for mobile handset devices which enables ongoing regression with minimal effort for your team. Our specialization in automated testing, using technology from Perfecto Mobile and DeviceAnywhere, enables us to perform ongoing regression testing remotely.
Usability & Compatibility Testing
Deliver a seamless customer experience with our Usability and Compatibility Testing. We’ll verify the effectiveness of your application on real handset devices including interoperability with other applications running on the mobile phones and smartphones.
Remote Testing
We leverage Perfecto Mobile technology, in conjunction with DeviceAnywhere test management tools, to enable offshore testing of mobile handset devices.

InfoStretch Handset Testing Process

Square Bullet Define testing strategy and plan for mobile devices including mobile phones and smartphones.
Mobile Test Automation Create customized manual and automated test sets.
Remote Mobile Testing Create LAB environment for remote testing using various phone simulators and Mobile Complete environment.
Mobile Integration Testing Integration testing of devices and applications with backend infrastructure.
Mobile Testing Manage complete QA/SDLC life-cycle including remote execution.
Mobile App Monitoring and Test Test and monitor applications across the diversity of handsets and global operators.
Mobile Application Testing Test applications on selected handsets – more than 2000 real handset devices.
Mobile Testing Certify devices with changes in application based on data-driven automated tests that enable regression testing.
Remote Handest Testing Enable remote testing capabilities for any device on any global carrier (GSM, CDMA).
Pre Market Handset Testing Test application on pre-market devices.

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"This has been a pressure full time with the release, the deadlines and the change in the team composition. Now with the Android and iPhone almost ready to release, we, at pingMD, are feeling that we have a very appealing and complete product. This would not have been possible without your hard work,..."

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Mobile Application and Handset Testing - On any device, any network, anywhere in the world

Mobile Application and Handset Testing - On any device, any network, anywhere in the world

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