Mobile and Testing Solutions for Game Developers

Game Developers

Testing games requires unique tools, mindset and skill set. InfoStretch brings expertise in quality testing, porting and certification of mobile games on mobile handsets enabling monetization, reliability and scalability to manage initiatives across multiple global markets simultaneously. As the gaming industry is moving from consoles to smartphones, they are faced with new challenges, including

Square Bullet New skill sets are required to manage ever evolving mobile technologies
Square Bullet Complete re-authoring of games to handle mobility aspect of phones
Square Bullet Reduction in the size of the games
Square Bullet Varied screen sizes and features of each phones to smart usage of resources of mobile devices
Square Bullet Usability aspect due to short attention span of the Mobile user
Square Bullet Unlocking the potential of a completely new user base which doesn’t belong to gaming community
Square Bullet Submitting application for App Store certification and deployment to successfully monetize it

InfoStretch has extensive experience in game testing and porting. The InfoStretch Mobile Testing team can help you with:

Square Bullet User experience testing on all the new devices
Square Bullet Validation of Mobile resource consumption and its usages
Square Bullet Functional and behavioral testing of game across targeted devices
Square Bullet Metrics generation for all the data captured of testing across targeted devices
Square Bullet Porting the games on new platforms
Square Bullet Selecting the phone independent platform for game development
Square Bullet Submitting the game for App Store Aggregation and Certification, as well as deployment

Case Studies

InfoStretch brings expertise in quality testing, test automation and compliance for content Aggregators to test their mobile content and its deployment on real carrier networks. This enables accuracy, reliability and scalability to manage initiatives across global markets. We’ve worked with customers like Trillibis, T-Mobile and others to test their offerings, and we’ve done it without increasing their budget.

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